Homelessness Sculpture Project

These are the students final public art projects exploring the myriad of sociopolitical issues surrounding homelessness.   These were the response to a  call to artists seeking sculptural public art proposals for works on the UWBothell campus.

Here is the call to artists for these final projects:

Call for Artists_Call for Social Change

Please explore their projects below and post questions and comments:

Hands of Reflection


Up Not Out

The Fountain of Hope


Give Me What You Get, it Helps to Live

Climbing Home

The Uprooted

Hoping Love

Lending a Hand


Looking Through the Doorway

House of the Homeless

Emotional Flowery Garden

One Step Closer

Hope and Feedom

Family can be Anyone

Unity and Rising Feeling

At Night I Lay….

Make a Difference

Helping Hands

Spare Thought, Spare Change

Linear Acceptance


The Rope of Life

Life Improvement

Standing Firm

Well of Dreams


Key and Hope

Where There is Hope, There is a Way

Tree of Hope

Step Inside

Fountain for Change

Give a Hand and Come Together

20,504 Stories

The Dreamer


Who am I?

Dream of Life

Love’s Umbrella

Your Trash, Someone’s Treasure

Happy Pig



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