Hands of Reflection

Aerial view of entire work

Aerial view- close up of center piece

What I have in mind is a place for community, hope, renewal, and reflection. This work would be made accessible to all. It would be laid out in a circular formation. In the center there would be four hands palms out flat- with no space between the fingers to reduce hazards. The hands would be about three feet tall and would be located on a small circular path that would have six other pathways stemming from it. Each path would then lead to a picnic table which could be used to study, think, meet with people, or simply think. The tables would be part of an outer circular path. In between the tables there would cast metal shirts of all types-men’s, women’s, and kid’s to encompass all people.
The circular layout stems from community; the idea of being united. It would be a highly used are especially in warmer weather as it would provide an additional are to pass time. It would be located right next to the library where the Cascadia buildings end and the UW buildings begin. All of the paths would be flat providing easy access to anyone- especially those in wheelchairs or anyone with any other form of transportation.

Artist Statement
I chose a circular formation because a circle has no end which in keeping with the themes of hope, renewal, and community, which inspired me, should have no end as well. I created an outdoor space to sit and enjoy the day, after having heard firsthand account of homeless people- one thing I heard in most accounts was the difficulty of finding a way and place to spend time that was available at any time and did not cost money. This is a peaceful place open to anyone. It’s functional and can serve someone as the space needed to be used in any number of ways. The shirts represent many people coming together and keeping the circle together. The hands can be seen as either a helping hand or one in need. Being within the bigger circle they will always be helped or be able to give. The hands are involved in the community ready to receive or give.


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