Your Trash, Someone’s Treasure


Written Proposal

The idea is to create a sculpture of a shopping cart that would raise awareness about homelessness in our community, what they often utilize to get through life. This sculpture is to show trash such as empty pop cans, empty bottles and worn deteriorated shoes placed inside of the cart. The sculpture will in a realistic shopping cart size to stay relative to the audience. The cart will be made out of iron, the cans inside the cart made out of steel (hollow on the inside of the can to save on weight and materials) and the shoes made out of brass to show ages and deterioration. The cart would have a plaque made out of iron next to it, the plaque would read “You can spend money on new housing, for poor people and the homeless or you can spend it all on a football stadium or a golf course. Jello Biafra”. The quote is relative to our community due to the deal that the city of Seattle strike with Chris Hansen to build a new arena. The sculpture should have no rough edges for safety reasons and should have rounded and smooth surfaces all over. The sculpture would be permanently installed and should be bolted down to the ground to avoid any vandalism and theft. The size of the sculpture would be 4 feet long by 2 feet wide, it would be about 4 feet high.

This sculpture will be placed on the right side by the front door for the FOOD FOR THOUGHT cafeteria as it is a busy location where people go and spend unnecessary money for overpriced food, frappe’s, drinks or desserts; It would serve its purpose best if placed somewhere where people could relate to what they are doing by overspending vs. what the homeless are doing for a few pennies.

Artist Statement

This sculpture is a great way of representing how vulnerable, susceptible and forgotten the homeless population is. The placement of the empty cans, show how the trash that we throw away because we don’t need or don’t care for is actually their new found treasure as cans could be recycled for a small amount of money back. Homeless people use cans as a source of income while we throw it away as trash, this should show how so little could be so much for them; it should show how they are willing to do so much, such as collecting several cans, for pennies per can. In addition the placement of the dirty, worn shoes should make us appreciate what we have and show how the homeless people use our trash, such as the dirty, worn out shoes to wear. Like the title I gave my project “YOUR TRASH, SOMEONE’S TREASURE” would show how the homeless try to make the best out of what they have or find, such as using the worn out shoes or making money from the used empty cans. This sculpture will show how homeless people make the best of what they have, how they don’t need a lot to survive and how they struggle to survive while we lavishly live without thinking about our invisible neighbors, the homeless.

Plan and Elevation




2 responses to “Your Trash, Someone’s Treasure

  1. I really like the idea behind this project, I think it’s definitely a creative and artistic way to bring awareness to the issue as well as how wasteful we are as a society. Your artist statement is one that will strike realization among many people who take for granted the lifestyle we live and the things we have.

  2. I like your idea for the project, especially your title because it is so true. Sometimes all they need is a little bit of help from us, what we not want or need might be very precious to them. Your sculpture also reminded me of one of the video we had to watch for this class, about how the homeless people would collect trash and waste etc. and that they would treasure it so much.

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