Up Not Out

FInal IMage for BCUSP 191

“Up Not Out”

Written Proposal: This project, titled “Up, Not Out” shall consist of two hands grasping each other. The approximate size for this project would ideally be the arms and hand at 6-8 feet each, this however does not mean that the total height of the project is going to be 12-16 feet considering the hands are to grasp each other at an angle. The height of the project will more likely end up looking like 6-8 feet height-wise and spread out about 5-6 feet, lengthwise so the hands can reach a correct apex. The hands will be placed on concrete or bronze plates so that the bottom of the piece lays flat on the surface that’s chosen.

The placement of this piece would be somewhere outside on campus, preferably in a grassy area between the library and the new UW building being created, if for some reason there isn’t a grassy area in between the new building and the library then I’d prefer it to be in between Cascadia and the library as there is a large grassy field over there. Since the idea is for the piece to be outside, I would prefer to go with a bronze statue (or bronze casted), the reason being the colors of lush green grass and a bright bronze brings an aesthetically appealing feature to the piece. The project should be wheelchair accessible, though if necessary a small concrete walkway that is wheelchair accessible can and will be made (again if necessary).  The pricing would approximately run in the 6 to 7,000 dollar range, however if the pricing becomes an issue due to the bronze then a cast or concrete would work just as fine.

Artist Statement:

When asked to do an art piece relative to the idea of homelessness, yet refraining from obvious images of the homeless, I first thought to myself how are others going to understand what I’m trying to convey? Through the process of creating this art piece I’ve come to learn that what’s most important is what the art piece means to me (in this case pertaining to homelessness) and if people who look at the art piece can take something positive away from it. With that said, my art piece titled “Up, Not Out” draws inspiration from a video I viewed on invisiblepeople.tv about a homeless man by the name of Rob, who is being interviewed by the folks at invisible people. As Rob breaks down his story on how he became homeless and how the housing system is not ideal, it’s easy to tell that Rob is a very intelligent and well-spoken man, which of course goes against the stereotypes that those who are homeless have to deal with. In his interview Rob said something that will forever resonate with me, when asked “What do homeless people need in order to get out of their situation” Rob replied “We’re looking for a hand-up, not a hand-out”. The idea that homeless people are looking for a permanent way out of their current situation, rather than something that can only mitigate their problem for a short amount of time, is an idea that sadly I hadn’t previously visited. In hindsight this particular video began to enlighten me on the issues of homelessness and more importantly about the people who are homeless.

                My art piece will consist of two hands grasping each other to convey the message of one helping another up, instead of simply giving something out. It’s a very simple image but I like to agree with the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”. I also like the fact that the piece’s simplicity will allow viewers to come up with their own interpretations, or what the project means to them a little more easily.


3 responses to “Up Not Out

  1. simple but very strong piece of artwork. i really like the concept that you have put in this work. it is true that even though most homeless people may seem like they want a temporary fix to their problem. such as food, money, or shelter. however, like in your sculpture deign, a helping hand that is able to provide permanent help for the homeless is a much better solution. so being able to make a sculpture to represent that should really raise the awareness of people that that there should be more help towards the homeless people, as they didn’t choose to live the life they are living, and that we are the main soruce of hope
    again good simple design, sometimes simplicity is they best way to get a strong message across
    Great Job!

  2. I think this is a very powerful image. Homelessness is extremely hard to fully escape and short term fixes may seem worth it. Finding the solid escape is hard to do and this shows that

  3. Thanks to both of you for writing on my art project!

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