Title: Who Am I?

Front/Side View

My attempt to draw the top view of my project.

My attempt to draw the top view of my project.

David Trinh

Title: Who am I?

Written Proposal: This artwork proposal will include a bench and footsteps carved onto the sidewalk. The main part of the bench will be made of cypress wood for its durability and ability to be drilled into if needed. The bench will be 6 feet long and 1 ½ feet tall. The sides of the bench will be made of stainless steel to provide a clean look and strong grip, and stainless steel bench screws will be used to attach them onto the wooden part of the bench. At the bottom of the bench will be four legs from the side of the bench fastened onto a concrete ground with a wedge anchor made of stainless steel. Then carved into the bench would be a figure of a person sleeping on the bench, this should fill up ¾ths of the bench, and be

The other part of this artwork will include carvings of a size 10 shoe into a concrete ground and there will be ten of these for each foot side by side walking away from the bench. As these footsteps get farther away from the bench the footsteps will slowly fade away until it is no longer shower. The first footstep stepping from the bench will be about ½ an inch and as each step is made after that there will gradually be less of a carving until the last footprint is made.

This bench should be placed in a park and the footprints should be made to continue and fade towards the exit of the park. On the middle part of the bench will be the title “Who Am I?”. The bench will be usable if anyone needs a place to relax, and the carving should be smooth as to not irritate anyone sitting on it. Overall the cost of this would range from $1000-$3500 not including the labor costs of installing it.

Artist Statement:

At first I was planning to have a statue sleeping on the bench and have the foot prints leading away from it, but after some time of thinking and realizing that statues would enforce a stereotype on homeless people I decided against that. I also was planning on having a hole in the bench in the shape of a figure sleeping, but that would render the bench unusable and cause safety concerns as little kids might fall through it. Instead I thought it would be better to engrave a picture of a person sleeping and have people wonder who that person is. Also with the engraving, people could also sit on the bench if they so choose to, although it might be disrespectful, it still is a bench. The idea began with taking a common object you would see in a park and changing it into something new and create a new perspective for people.

In the final project that I decided to do, there is mainly the bench, the carving of person sleeping on the bench, and the footsteps leading away from the bench. Many homeless people sleep on benches, or would like to, and therefore this is a way to represent them. Also many homeless people feel invisible in their day to day life, and some would prefer to be invisible as well, so I tried to incorporate that as well into this project with the footsteps and the dark figure of someone sleeping.

Edit: In the first picture, the scale on the left is cut off. The side of the bench is 1 1/2 inches, which would be 1 1/2 feet to scale. Also the bottom of the bench to the ground would be 20 inches to scale in a real model.


3 responses to “Title: Who Am I?

  1. i really like your idea here, i also like how your title is a question. i love how public arts not only allows people to view, but also allows people to think.

  2. Nice job on your public art piece, I honestly like how the homeless person, or person on the bench is being shaded as suppose to being outlined as you originally planned Dave. Having the image shaded on your bench can seem like homelessness can relate to being seen as a shadow, or barely seen. I get the concept, and I like the idea!

  3. I like this piece, David. It’s easy to tell how it relates to homelessness and I like the concept behind. I think the footsteps can add a lot of understanding to the piece, or discussion which is a good thing in my opinion.

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