Title: The Dreamer  Written Proposal:For the Call for Artists/Call

Title: The Dreamer Image


Written Proposal:

For the Call for Artists/Call for Social Change 3D public art proposal, I decided to create a quilt. The title of the piece is “The Dreamer”. It will be done with fabric and will be hung in UW2 on the right hand side as soon as you walk into the building. The piece will be hung freely on the wall. It will be 80 inches by 60 inches and will feature the colors in the above image (blues, greens, black, and white). This is a soft piece, so it would be considered safe among the community. This piece addresses the Call for Artists requirements because it challenges our understanding and frequent complacency with the social issue. The piece does not incorporate any stereotypical representations of homelessness. The piece is aesthetically interesting and is innovative. 

Artist Statement: 

This piece is significant to me because it inspires dreams and hopes. The person in the right corner on the bench represents a homeless person. This person is looking up into the sky at their hopes and dreams. I think the fact that it is not clear that the man is homeless makes this quilt appeal to everyone. The person could even represent you. It is just about hopes and dreams. I liked the idea of having different patterns of fabric because it represents fragmentation. The homeless person is separated from the fragmented sky. AKA he is separated from his dreams because of homelessness. To me, a quilt represents hominess and comfort, which is completely opposite of what homeless people experience, but is what they dream of. What motivated me for creating this work was seeing homeless people sitting on benches staring into space. I always wondered what they were thinking about. I gave this some thought and realized they were probably dreaming of a better life and future. I believe that my piece showcases deep meaning into the issues of homelessness and can create social change.  



6 responses to “Title: The Dreamer  Written Proposal:For the Call for Artists/Call

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  2. I think your more inclusive concept for this project is really interesting—homelessness fits in well with the piece, but anyone can understand and interpret the subject’s position in a relatable way. The different sizes of overlapping squares are very creative, do you plan to keep the same design? If so, will the separate image pieces be printed onto fabric/sewn/etc.? I also wonder about copyright issues for the images, unless they are placeholders in the early stages of the process. The colors of the quilt in your design so far are especially nice, as I see them as a very strong contrast to the darkness and dullness so often associated with homelessness.

  3. I like your idea of creating a quilt, and how it relates to your project’s theme. To me, the different sizes of sky images represent homelessness as a global concern. I like the colors of the texture of your proposed work, because it gives me a sense of comfort. Are you planning on painting the quilt by yourself or getting it done at a fabric print company?

  4. I really like this idea because it’s eye catching. It’s also not too difficult to understand how it relates to homelessness. I think that when people look at this piece and study it, they’ll realize how much they can relate it too which is a good if it is public piece.

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