The Rope of Life

art final dimensions 001art final 001
The Rope of Life

Written Proposal,
I am proposing to create ¨The Rope of Life¨ sculpture at UW Bothell property. The sculpture is to honor the homeless with a concept pertaining to the idea that while every strand of life may break, hope will remain. The sculpture is to be situated in the grassy area between UW1 and UW2. It´s size will be 8 ft long and 5 ft high. It will be supported by a base that will contain a plaque with its name. Each broken strand will contain a different color representing the different areas of life affected by homelessness, the center unbroken strain to represent Hope. To stay in budget, the base will be made out of cement, but the sculpture will be created out of aluminum to withstand the environment.

Artist Statement,
Life resembles a simple thing like a rope; As simple as it may be yet so complicated and intertwined. Sometimes every strand of life breaks but when hope tears, You become a broken soul. What is your Hope?

Preliminary Budget,
$1000 for ten aluminum 4×10 ft sheets*
$500 for color paint
$500 for base cement
$3000 furnace rental for aluminum
$3000 payout for sculpture helpers
$1000 city permits
$1000 miscellaneous
Total: $10000



8 responses to “The Rope of Life

  1. This is a very unique idea. I like the message it has.

  2. Thank you Jacob!

  3. Whats intriguing here is the simple idea but along with a strong statement. The concept behind the work is great, although I am curious to see whether you will place the names of “areas of life” on each “strand” (as in the image) or only the Hope and rest explain in the plaque. But the concept of hope is great, thats all they have left when you think about it. Surfacing that to the community is quite easy with your idea. I also like the efforts you put in to come up with specific a budget. But overall, brilliant idea. Great job!

    • I think I would leave the names of areas of life off of the sculpture and put a color key on the plaque, that way it will encourage the observer to think what it is that i´m trying to communicate. It would be a bit more abstract that way.

  4. This sounds like a great idea. The rope is torn, but there is still something that holds it together. Hope is what keeps people alive and pushes them to survive. This is a great idea.

    • Thank you, I agree with you Hope is what motivates people, Hope will get a homeless person out of those circumstances. With Hope other things will follow suit.

  5. I really like your idea! It’s really creative. I think the concept really hits home.

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