The Fountain of Hope

The Fountain of Hope


Harsh Garhwal

Written Proposal:
The Call for Artists seeks a symbolic art piece that illustrates the issue of homelessness. I have put forward for consideration the Fountain of Hope. The general aesthetics of the work is based on a fountain structure
as seen in the image above. In the center is the actual works of the fountains where the water emerges outwards and down at a middle height and on top are a pair of hands setting a dove free. Picture the stones to be glossy black and white color which appear heavy and not hollow. Being located on the University of Washington Bothell campus, there would a “W” on two sides of the outer wall of the fountain, facing the library and the parking garage. In addition, there would be a quote from Gandhi, “Freedom is never dear at any price. It is the breath of life. What would a man not pay for living?” inscribed in the bed of the fountain at the fountain floor in bold thick letters.

The dimensions of the overall work are 7′ x 7′ x 8′, specifically, the fountain with a diameter of 7′ and depth of 2′; the structure within the center of the outside brick layer with the functioning fountain at a height of 4′ and the rest of the hand and bird structure at additional 4′. The outside fountain shell would be made of red bricks (similar to those of the UWB buildings) whereas the center pieces are to be made from black stone for the base and hands and white stone for the bird. The floor of the fountain will be made of tiles, each with a handprint of an homeless individual, with palms facing up. The fountain will work on a solar powered pump (600$). Other materials are projected to cost 5400$ for marble stones in their cut shapes and addition 300$ for their polish (which will help keeping them clean), the construction of the project will take approximately 1-2 weeks with a construction and labor cost of 2500$. A metal rod for stabilization within (~$1000 with labor cost). The fountain will be placed between UW1, UW2 and UW3. 

Artist Statement:
What does it truly mean to live? You only start to live once you’ve freedom. Like a bird in a cage, who even though can learn to stay alive in a birdcage, does not live until its set free. My view falls along the lines that if homelessness is a cage, then freedom is priceless. What would I do if I saw a dove confined in a cage, trying desperately to get out? I would try to set it free. However, often thats not in my hands which has made me realize sometimes all I can do is hope – and hence, the Fountain of Hope came to me. Like the dove being set free in aid from the hopeful hands I see that the homeless are just hands away from liberty. Even though, that was enough for me I want to rule out any confusion the viewer may have and so I am accompanied by a quote that couldn’t be much more suitable to my thoughts. Gandhi says, “Freedom is never dear at any price. It is the breath of life. What would a man not pay for living?” A thought provoking notion that inspired me in the first place became an essential element for the Fountain of Hope.



One response to “The Fountain of Hope

  1. This fountain is a very good symbolism for hope and honesty mixed with what homelessness really is. I believe that people who would walk by this would be notified in a very sincere way about homelessness.

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