One Step Closer

oak tree, symbol of strength IMG_0756

The Written Proposal

My sculpture will be a ladder made out of bronze metal material at the University of Washington Bothell. This ladder will be placed next to a tree in the grassy fields. The sculpture will have the illusion of it lying up against the tree (in order for it to stay alive and respect the grounds at UWB). The ladder will be 6ft tall and 1 ½ ft. wide.

There will be 5 steps on the ladder. Each step will have a black word engraved in it; hope, faith, community, strength and change (“hope” at the bottom and “change” at the top).

This sculpture meets the requirements of the Call for Artists because it is a thought provoking concept that does not show a figurative representation of homeless individuals. Instead, it is a sculpture for everyone to be inspired to raise awareness of homelessness through words and the structure’s placement.

Artist’s Statement

      When I visited Tent City to help serve lunch to the homeless, I was inspired by a man and his kind words. He came up to a couple of us cleaning and said “God bless your kind souls for being here with us today.” He made me realize the things I personally take for granted like having friends and family or a community of helpful people. He showed me hope by thanking God for our presents because it’s not every day that a homeless man is blessed with a meal to eat. He showed me faith because he trusted us. And he showed me strength because every day this is what his life is like. My purpose for this structure is to teach people what this man taught me. I want to help raise awareness of homelessness by showing people the steps leading to a better life for the homeless.  Each step on the ladder represents a step closer to a better life. The tree represents our life.

      I hope that people will see the sculpture and realize the steps it takes to change homelessness. I hope it will inspire a person to raise awareness or guide a homeless person in the right direction to success or a better life.


2 responses to “One Step Closer

  1. I like the concept of your work with the “steps” it takes to change homelessness, rather than focusing on what it takes to get out of homelessness. So in that sense, i like that you are making a statement towards the community and the viewers beliefs and not simply putting spotlight on the lives of the homeless, which I believe would’ve just added more prejudice to the issue due to stereotype. I am curious if the words will only be read from top or from a side view as well – as some viewers might not have the chance to come close enough to interact and stand on the piece to be able to read it. However, the concept is still great and the fact that its next to tree to revive the idea is awesome – i might make that more apparent in a plaque next to the pice. Good job.

    • Thank you! I just remember one of our first guest speakers saying he did not like how some communities showered the homeless people with a lot of attention. It made him feel uncomfortable. What I hope for is that everyone, not just the homeless people, to benefit from this.

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