Love’s Umbrella


Written proposal:

This sculpture made the umbrella as the center, the highest point of which is about 2m so that all homeless people can shelter from the rain under the umbrella. Around the main umbrella I will create people holding hands as a circle, rangers can sit on the seats between them.

I’m going to put this sculpture on the grass next to the bus station, because it’s convenient for homeless people to come and transfer, covering about 30 square meters. It is mainly made of stainless metal, which can protect it from getting rusty by the rain.


Artists’ statement:

What inspired me to create this is that a homeless said when there was rainy they had to hide under the bridge or eaves to sleep and we all know that Seattle is a city that always rains. I think a good sculpture should be both functional and stylish, that’s why I create this “umbrella” sculpture.

The body of this sculpture is a huge umbrella, which can contain about 30 people to shelter from the rain. Under the umbrella I designed a circle of people holding hands together, which means although we cannot buy a shelter for every homeless people, we do as much as we could with our love. I will also put benches between the holding hands people sculpture, to let the homeless take a rest or stay for a while. And also, when they sit on the benches, they will lean on the sculpture human’s arms, which make it full of love.



One response to “Love’s Umbrella

  1. I think this is very neat! I like the concept of the umbrella. So in between each person is a sitting area? That is such a creative idea!

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