Lending A Hand

Lending A Hand

Lending A Hand

Written Proposal :

For “Lending A Hand”, I decided to use the metal aluminum, just because it is simply the cheapest metal in the world. My statue is standing approximately 1.5 ft. tall and requires the art of cast sculpting to create.

All the materials I used were: clay, a kiln, rubber skin molding, molding wax, investment plaster, approximately 5 pounds of aluminum (which roughly costs $1.03 per US pound), safety goggles, and a hammer. By using clay and a kiln, I was able to create a sturdy ceramic sculpture. By creating a rubber skin mold of my sculpture’s exterior using my ceramic piece, I then used melted wax to fill the rubber skin mold. Once the wax dried completely, I removed the rubber mold and had a hollow replica of my ceramic piece. I then applied investment plaster inside and out of my wax replica, and finally poured in the melted aluminum. The melted aluminum ends up replacing the wax, thus creating “Lending a Hand”.

The location of my public art piece will be placed right under the sky bridge, somewhat close to the food for thought side display window. I wanted my piece to be untouched by rain as much as possible in terms of rust. Not only will my piece be cemented to the ground, but it will also be connected to a cement block, in terms of stability, and moving purposes (which costs approx. $2000 for the entire process).

Artist Statement:

Throughout my lifetime, I have seen an abundant amount of homeless people. For this piece, I created an arm-like statue made of aluminum, which can resemble a man needing help getting up. By cementing this piece to the ground, I relate being from the “bottom” and needing help. In most cases, homeless people are usually not at the “top”, which is why we, as a community should lend a helping hand in any means necessary to bring the people from the “bottom”, to the “top”.


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