Hope and Freedom

Hope and Freedom

Written Proposal
This sculpture called “Hope and freedom”. It is designed for the project of “call for artists/ call for social change” that related social issues of homeless. The whole sculpture total tall is12 feet (9 feet over the ground and 3 feet under the ground), width is 17 feet, and depth is 3feet. Background use black marble, and take away top right corner. Put a tree (9ft tall, 4ft width of tree crown, 1.5ft width of tree trunk) at the right side part of marble. It is going to inlay the tree into the black marble wall and will use setscrews to fasten the tree. The tree is going to use red bronze but all the leaves are separate pieces from the tree. The leaves will use some very thin and light material. This time I will use some recycle stuff such as coca cola cans. Cut down many different pieces of leaves from the tree crown, and keep those materials to make the other things such as flying seeds and burgeons. The cans are cut to pieces of leaves and painting them, and then drill two holes at top and bottom on each piece of leaves using copper wire to hang on the tree. When the wind blows the leaves, the leaves can roll by themselves. On the leaves, I will write down many words or same names. At bottom left corner is a girl and still using red bronze and using same way to inlay into the wall. The girl is about 4.5 feet tall and 2.5 feet width. Using red copper to make flying seeds and on the ground burgeons. I will use cement concrete to make a foundation and using steel
This sculpture will placed in front of bus stop’s grass area of University of Washington Bothell campus. This area is pretty busy area because everyday people will get on or get off bus here, and this area is pretty flat and no any tall buildings around here. People will spend time to wait here and far from here still can see the sculpture.
Title: Hope and freedom
Material: Red bronze (tree, girl, seeds, and burgeons) $4/pound; and black marble $20/sqft; cement concrete $4/bag.
Leaf: 150-200
Seed: 80- 100
Burgeon: 100
Total cost: $2000- $3500

Artist Statement
Homeless is pretty big problem for right now world, and many people they do not real care about those homeless people. In the homeless community, the women and children are the worst people living in this community. They suffer many painful and violence experience. Many of them lost their lives. It is a real story in China, in 2012 about Chinese New Year that is coldest time in the winner, there were five homeless boys want to find a warmer place to sleep because they want to keep warm at night; in the end, they found a huge public metal garbage bin. This bin is enough for them five boys but only one thing they did not know that is those kinds of garbage bin just opening from outside. When the five boys jump into the bin, they cannot get out there. Inside is not have enough air for them so they death by suffocation. This story pretty shock to me and inspired me to create my sculpture to wake up people to take care those homelessness. All the homeless people easily lose hope and freedom of their live so I made this sculpture try to help them find their hope and freedom again.
I did so many researches about hope. Most in my research the result is burgeons so I decide using seeds and burgeons in my project, and my project more focus on women and children so I chose a girl. The girl reaches her hand to get a seed that imply homeless people they want to have change of their life, and hopeful seeds will plant in their heart and let the hope mind grow up; in an addition, those hopeful seeds will help them do not easily give up their lives and find out new way to life.
The flying seeds another meaning is freedom because those seeds can fly by the wind to go whatever they going to, and no any limit. I want to homeless people using their hope to change their life to fly wherever they want to live.
I have my hope too that is hoping my sculpture can help those homeless women and children can life better than before and let more and more people can care those people who are need us to help.


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