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Project Proposal

The proposed sculpture entitled “Gratitude” is a 24ft long by 3ft tall billboard style display of the phrase “WHAT DO YOU TAKE FOR GRANTED”. The materials used will be every day items, plywood, epoxy glue, and nails. A few examples of every day items might be: toothpaste, oatmeal, toothbrush, bread, contacts, hand soap, toilet paper, lotion, vitamins or a razor. The items will be glued with epoxy or nailed as necessary onto the plywood to form the words, “WHAT DO YOU TAKE FOR GRANTED”. This large display may be broken up into a few sections if necessary to display in the hallways of the UW1 building. They will be displayed at eye level. Any perishable items would be removed from packaging and replaced with non-perishable items so that the sculpture could be left for a significant period of time. This display would be for viewing and not intended for handling.


Artist’s Statement

The sculpture, “Gratitude” is a representation of the items that most American’s take for granted, but the homeless population might not have access to. I chose to use every day items, to encourage thought about the excessive number of things that we use throughout the day without taking time to think about. These same items that we can so easily pick up at a drug store or buy in bulk at Costco, are novelties to the homeless and they may not have access to them at all. Some examples might be toilet paper, hand soap or toothpaste, let alone food to eat. Without access to these simple things, every day life for the homeless is a challenge. I chose to express my idea in a display of words, because for me personally, words have the greatest impact. The massive size of these words and the way that they will be displayed will make it difficult for a person to walk by without taking some time to think about the intent behind the piece. The materials and design will be simple, because, sometimes simplicity can make a piece of art more impactful.


2 responses to “Gratitude

  1. by Jesse Niebruegge

  2. I completely agree with the simplicity trait in this project, it doesn’t take an intricate plan to convey a good message. I also like the whole idea of what do we take for “granted” being used here, I know personally I don’t always think of the little things in life that make such a difference. Nice work!

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