Give Me What You Get, it Helps To Live



Project Statement:

I am planning to design a cowboy hat sculpture that says “Give me what you can – it helps to live.” The entire sculpture will be cast in metal and set in stone. I estimate the sculpture will weigh approximately no more than 50 pounds. The dimensions of the sculpture are 4 by 2 feet. The concept for my artwork piece is mainly to represent homeless people who do not get quick help from neither the government nor public or private companies. The reason that I am choosing a cowboy hat is because when the homeless ask for money they stick out their hat to ask for some change. We have seen a lot of homeless people who always face difficulty getting help. Many of us ignore these people and think that these people are not us. The reason many people think about homeless people are different is because they feel like they are invisible. People who ignore do not know that the homeless exist. These people didn’t intend to become homeless or to plan on living on the sides of roads and sleep under the freeways or on the sidewalk. Nowadays, the homeless are victims of losing their work, home, or by making bad decisions. All of this can make you end up in the streets and start looking for help. We should be concerned because none of them deserve living on the street when we have the ability to support them. We try to pretend these homeless people don’t exist because it makes us uncomfortable. Please be gentle to the homeless even if you can’t help them or if you are passing by one of them try to make eye contact or at least acknowledge that they are there. By implementing this project we can provide help to those who don’t have a voice to speak for themselves.

Artist Statement

To get an idea for my project it took me a long time to make my own decision. At the end I choose to make a cowboy hat sculpture and title it “Give me what you can – it helps to live.” The reason that I chose to inscribe this on my sculpture is because it helps those who need it instead of ignoring them. When deciding on what I wanted my sculpture to be, I had to greatly consider what the homeless meant to me and their importance in our world. Many people don’t understand the problem that they always face in the public. My influence for this project is when I always go to the down I have seen a lot of homeless people who ask for some change. Because of that I decided to do something about it. We have seen homeless people harassed by a group of people no matter if it’s teenagers or adult. Those people are among heroes who fought to protect this country from the enemy and today they face horrific things from their own people that they have protected when they were young soldiers who risked their lives just to protect fellow Americans to live a better life with freedom. Some of these people do not have someone to take care of them if they get ill or need help. If they are sick no one cares about them and sometime they may be kicked out of the hospital and die from hunger and cold. It is important to change the way we may think about these homeless people. When we say homeless people, society quickly interprets the homeless as drug addicted or the alcoholics. I really want people to have a deeper and more sensitive feeling towards the homeless when they view my art visit.



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