Fountain For Change

fountain render

Fountain for Change.

Written Proposal:

“Fountain for Change” will be a brick coin fountain placed in between UW1 and UW2 where the old “W” used to be. The reason for the title is for change to be donated as well as the hope that this fountain will bring change to the homeless population. This will be placed in that area due to how high traffic the area is. This is an area many walk past every day while going to class. The Fountain will be a place to hang out and sit outside.  Beyond the aesthetical and practical use of the fountain, there is more to it. This money donated in the fountain will be collected daily and then given to an organization like Tent City. On the outside bricks will be words relating to homelessness. These words will be causes, emotions and effects related to homelessness.  The hope is to inspire, provoke thought, and raise awareness of homelessness through these words.

The Fountain will be made of brick. The reason for choosing brick is to keep the look of the campus consistent.  Around the outside of the brick will be a concrete bench attached to the brick. The Fountain will be 8 Feet across and 4 Feet tall. Behind the Fountain will be a concrete sign that is 6 Feet tall and 2.5 Feet deep.

Artist Statement:

One of my goals for this piece was to create something that makes an impact on homelessness, but is also functional and aesthetically pleasing. Just a sculpture can be ignored and often times not noticed enough to make an impact. One major feature of the coin fountain is the bench surrounding it. While sitting the goal for people to be there long enough to deeply think about the words of homelessness printed on the bricks and give them all serious thought. Short term thoughts may give people inspiration to donate change into the fountain but the big hope is that people think about it long enough to want to make a bigger impact to help homelessness.


4 responses to “Fountain For Change

  1. I see a lot of coin for a wish fountains around Seattle. I like the fact that the change is going to be given to the homeless community. I can’t count how many times I put coins in one of these fountains all not knowing were they went! The title is very clever too and goes well.

  2. Your sketch is really clear and I like your idea. I would love to see a fountain on the campus. Not only would it be a nice place for people to gather, but it serves the homeless and brings awareness to the public.

  3. This is a great idea. UWB defiantly needs a water fountain. Also, the water fountain could potentially have an unintended cause. People tend to throw coins into fountains for good luck. The coins from the fountain could potentially be donated to the homeless community, thus helping them get back on their feet.

  4. I like the placement of where the fountain is going to be, it’s a very open area, with heavy foot traffic here on the Bothell campus. I also enjoyed the idea of having a fountain on campus (aesthically pleasing) and knowing that the money people throw in there will be donated to a good cause.

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