Emotional Flowery Garden

Title: Emotional Flowery Garden 


Written Proposal:

This project represents homelessness. I have incorporated concrete benches so that students can sit and study on campus. The benches will be of a solid black concrete with white tile for the squiggle lines on each bench. The base on which the flowers sit will also be of a solid black concrete and white tile. Below the base are three solid lines that will contain the colors yellow, red and blue that will be embedded into the ground. This sculpture could easily be place near a glassy area so the garden aspect can be emphasized. The size of the benches are 40in x 13in x 17, the size of the actual sculpture is 65in x 26in x 32in and the size of the sphere will have an outer diameter of 15in. There should be 10 inches of space between each flower head.

In the far left hand corner you can see a figure occupying one of the benches. This person is homeless since it will never be able to leave the site. It will remain faceless since homelessness can happen to anyone. The figure will be made of black concrete as if it could blend it with its surrounding. The flowers represent the emotions any homeless person may have and the leaves of each flower will be made of green metal rods.

Each flower has a face and color. The first flower will have a happy face and will be the color yellow. I have chosen this face and color since some homeless people are happy about their current situation, since for some it is making a statement against society. Having the ability to the travel whenever and not having any constraints on their life make it worth wild to them.

 The second face is angry and the color red will represent it. This characterizes those who may feel livid about their life, feeling hopeless and or isolated because of what they are going through. Finally, the third flower will be blue and has a face that is not really happy but indifferent. Blue represent sadness and will represent those who may have gone into a depression and or do not have any feelings towards their situation of being homeless. It symbolizes those who have become numb to the world and have given up of wanting anything better.

Artist’s statement

When it comes to homelessness one will instantly think about the individuals that stand on the corner of the streets asking for money or even the people you may see sleeping in the parks in Seattle. But after studying this topic and visiting tent city three, I have learned that there are some who actually work, dress well and interact with us everyday. The point is the true image of homelessness is invisible. One could never know one is homeless unless someone is asked, because in today’s society it seems shun upon.  With this art project I wanted to have something that the community can interact with some how and yet make a statement. By putting a figure behind brightly color flowers will bring attention to it and will hopefully have people questioning why that person is there and what does it represents.


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