Dream of Life

Everybody wish and desires to have a great life. Lovely family, successful career and to have a place to stay and share the happiness with your family. Some unfortunate things happened in some people’s life and they ended up became homeless, no place to live and need some help from nice and heartwarming people. And I think deep in their heart, they want to have their own house; therefore, my project is a symbol of homeless’ dream of life.

I use the idea of Typology, it is a systematic classification of types that have characteristics or traits in common. Produce a set of 7 or more images that explore a visual typology of your choice. Be intentional in composition and exercise technical control by using a consistent aesthetic and approach (lighting, depth of field, color, etc) throughout the series. I took photos of the house door number and represent it as an apartment, so it is like start with living in an apartment and go to the interview and get the job and once they have steady income, they can pay off everything and purchase a big house and pay monthly until they pay everything off.

I hope the society give them the chance to restart their life and dream come true.

final individual sculpture


2 responses to “Dream of Life

  1. i really like your work, its very colorful and creative. i also agree with you that everyone would love to have a great life with a great place to live etc. Having the idea of having them paying off the rent monthly is also a great idea and a great way to help them get their life back together once again!

  2. joannehuang1990

    Your work really catches my attention because of colorful design.
    Everyone desires a better life so your idea that society should give them help for their better life is good. i believe our help would make their dream come true.

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