20,504 Stories

20,504 stories

Written Proposal: My concept was an eye enclosed in a pair of lips. Since my idea was fairly straightforward, I didn’t have to use too many materials. The project was originally made from Palestine Clay. Since that particular type of clay takes an extensive time to harden, it is still possible to shape and alter the project so long as the changes aren’t too immense. Once I had the lips and eye formed from the clay, I used oil based paints to detail the project. Once the paint dried, basic colored markers were used to add more detail to the pupil and lips to give it a more realistic feel. The sculpture itself is 6 inches in length and just less than 4 inches in width. Its height is roughly 1.5 inches. Its base is constructed of cardboard which has a length of 6.5 inches and a width of 5 inches.

Artist’s Statement: Inspiration can be born from a number of factors. Someone we look up to can inspire us. A simple idea can be the initiator of inspiration. Even just one story with incredible substance can be extremely inspiring, but what about 20,504 stories? Each one is different and each one moving in one way or another. These stories are the driving force behind my project. 20,504 is a number that represents the population of homeless people in Washington State (2012). Of course, I can’t listen to every story involving homelessness, though it didn’t take many to change my dull outlook.

Before diving into homelessness, I had wrongly assumed that their population was a portrayal of failure. I never gave myself a chance to understand them. I realize now that in order to change myself effectively, I also have to change my perception. The more I listen to their stories, the more I recognize that they’re not failures at all. They are plainly people with dreams and aspirations. The story of their lives and adversity speaks directly to me and has changed how I see and grasp things regarding homelessness. There is much more than meets the eye… A story can give explanation to an image, but can that image give explanation to the story?


7 responses to “20,504 Stories

  1. This really invokes the viewer. It engages and creates some sort of confusion. I really enjoyed viewing this piece and I do love the artist statement and felt like this piece is a strong representation of the Call to Artists campaign.

    Great work!

  2. I really enjoyed viewing at this piece, because it is aesthetically pretty and meaningful to me. I think this piece will have the general public to be more informed of homelessness and its causes, since part of the public may often perceive homeless as bad and criminal. I also like the title of the work! Where will you install your work though?

    • I actually haven’t given that much thought. I’m not exactly sure if it has to be on campus or anywhere, but somewhere populous. Probably outside Food For Thought next to the other public art pieces.

  3. I think this is a very nice design and model of your artwork as well as the meaning put into it. I also like how you titled your project after the number of homeless people. I was wondering though, if your artwork was chosen what would be the actual size of it, or would it be the same size as the model? And is this to be viewed look at it from eye height or to be seen looking down upon it?

    • If my model were chosen, it would be roughly 4′ by 2′ and probably 2′ tall. The base would have to be a little bigger obviously.

  4. As I was going through everyone’s sculptures this one really caught my attention, partly because of its bright colors, and partly because it’s very abstract. Before I read your statement I definitly wasn’t sure exactly what it meant which is really cool to me because you could come up with so many meanings behind this piece but after reading your statement it makes so much sense. I really agree with you that “there is more than meets the eye” with homelessness and in life as a whole, I think without someones story you really have no idea who they are. Great piece!

  5. This project really caught my attention because the sculpture is so unique. It’s very intriguing because it’s almost an eerie image of the eye inside of the lips. The symbolism is great about how we can’t hear every story but once we change our perception of the homeless we will see that they aren’t just failures. That is a very powerful idea!

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