Where there is a hope, there is a way




Written Proposal:

The statue of the umbrella will be constructed from steel material. This umbrella will be 3 meters tall with a radius of 2.5 meters.  Besides there will be several holes on the outer edge of the umbrella.

This umbrella will have a footing saying “Where there is a hope, there is a way”.  

This statue will be placed near the UW bookstore in UW Bothell. It is a place which is surrounded by rock seats. It will be in the center of that area. 


The Artist’s Statement:

This sculpture is to present the hope for homeless people. Umbrella is a metaphor of shelter. However, this shelter has holes on it which can present the bad situation of homeless people—their shelter is not enough. With the holes on the umbrella, people walk through the umbrella will get wet when it is rainy days. Maybe this will remind them that there are a lot of homeless people suffering from the bad whether without enough shelter. Nevertheless when it has sunshine, the sunshine will come through the holes on the umbrella and form light spots on the ground. The sunshine, in my opinion, is hope. Each hole stands for a way. If you have hope, then you can find ways to form a light spot, which represents that success. Although the shelter is not enough, with hope, homeless people will successfully find ways to get out of the bad situation. So this is why I named the sculpture “Where there is a hope, there is a way”.


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