Unity and Rising Feeling



Written Proposal

            My piece of art that would eventually be placed on the University of Washington, Bothell campus, would consist of five hands reaching upwards. These hands would all be aligned in a straight row and would be reaching in different directions. I would place this sculpture to the right of the campus bookstore, across from the library in the common outside sitting area. The title of this sculpture would be “Unity and Rising Feeling”. There would be a quote engraved across the base, intertwining between the hands saying, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so little, together we can do so much.” This quote was written by Helen Keller.

            Each hand would be 20 inches in length and 7 inches wide. There would be a base of about 2-4 inches. The sculpture would be made out of off-white alabaster stone. There would need to be approximately $1,500-$2000 set aside to cover the cost of the stone. (Considering alabaster stone is around $150 for 100lbs). There would also need to be around $2000 to fund for all of the tools/materials needed to complete the sculpture as desired. The color would remain off-white, there would be no painting added on.

Artist’s Statement

           When creating a sculpture of my own to demonstrate and convey the concept of homelessness and the numerous struggles of individuals within society, it took me quite some time to be able to narrow it down to my final outline. My main motivation is to convey how people can connect and become involved in a state of unity and strength.

Through my sculpture, I am exploring the issues of how the social and political aspects of society affect not only those who are homeless, but anyone who has had a hard time conforming into who and what is accepted by the public. When drawing and creating my outline for the sculpture, I kept the word unity in the back of my mind and tried to form something that represented people coming together as one. Unity is best described as harmony between people or groups, and this is exactly what I hope is interpreted through this sculpture.



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