Tree of Hope

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Written Proposal
This piece is called “The Tree of Hope”. It is a tree that is 7ft. tall (from bottom of base to the top of the tree) and is going to be 5 ft. wide (all the way around). The base of the sculpture is going to be made of concrete and is 6 ft. long and a foot thick. The leaves are separate pieces from the tree and will be hung by the stem of the leaf. Every leaf will have a word on it related to homelessness (positive or negative) on one side. The leaf is one foot by one foot. It is flat in nature.
This sculpture will be placed in the grass field behind the bus stop. It is fairly big so it’s going to need a significant amount of room. I picked this location for the above reason but also because it has a lot of foot traffic. A lot of people will see it and I want people to think about the problem at hand and waiting at the bus stop will give them time to do that. Also because there is so much time spent waiting for the bus they may take the time to actually take the time to look closely at it.
Title: The Tree of Hope
Material: Bronze (for tree) $4 per pound and Stainless Steel (leaves) $3.50 a pound
Leaf count: 150-200

Artist Statement

When coming up with this idea it took a lot of thinking. At first I was dead set on a completely different idea but thought this better demonstrated homelessness. The tree sculptor came for the idea of the tree of life and how we are all connected. We are all connected to each other as a human race in a way I don’t think is acknowledged enough. The leaves were put into play because to me they represent everybody as an individual but also as a whole. We are all connected to this tree of life so the leaves represent that. The words on the leaves represent what a homeless person may feel in their journey. These words are going to be a mix between positive or negative. Some of these words include hope, pain, help, etc.
When coming up with this sculptor I was hoping to convey homelessness in a not in your face kind of way. I hope when people see this tree they will think about how not everyone is as fortunate as they may be and as a person it is their responsibility to care. Not everybody is going to do something about this problem but at least it will plant a seed. By bringing to people’s attention this problem maybe they will be more thankful for what they have and want to help.


4 responses to “Tree of Hope

  1. michellewang422

    I real love your project, but I have a question about your leaves. Do you paint for your leaves or just use the stainless steel nature color?

  2. I think this is a great idea and the leaves really make this art piece that much more intriguing. I also like the words that you have chose to put on each leaves, it represents how some homeless people feel. But I think that maybe you should incorporate some words that are more happy and not so depressing, Yes, most homeless people feel those things that you have pointed out but just because they don’t have a home does not mean they are homeless. You probably have more words that what is shown in the picture but overall you did a really good job.

  3. This is a great idea the leaves are going to represent the feeling a homeless person would go to. This will allow the audience to feel the homeless. The tree is a great representation of life and community. Great job!

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