Well of dreams

The Artist’s Statement

            The general idea behind the design of this structure is for safety and to help them understand the homeless. Generally, people do not like to see the homeless. By seeing this haikus on the structure they can imply an idea of what the homeless must go through.

The haikus, I plan to have the general populate write them because it will be the general populate, such as the homeless, which I am trying to gain support from, though I will direct them in the general idea.  Homeless people each have individual stories and should not be grouped together into one stereo type.  This is why I will have the haikus written by individuals in society. The main inspiration propose of the work of art is to draw attention to the people in the locate area who needs help. This is why the main structure, the well, will collect change for people in need.

This art work was created in honor of the homeless people that live on the locate area.  I believe that art is supposed to help people with their problems or be general useful.

This work differs from the first design and structure. At first, the design was just a steel fence with 9 haikus on them. However, this design was too simple and too much like another design planted on campus. This made me add the fountain to the design plan that will collect change. This design was vary elaborate and beautiful but when way out of budget.

Written Proposal

            The main idea behind the structure is the cylinder well structure that will hold the fence to the location. These two structures will be build in to one in order to prevent it from being stolen, however does not prevent it from being destroyed. There will be three haikus on the structure. One on the well and two haiku will be place on the fence.

The first haiku pertaining to explain the conditions that homeless live in and the other to tell how you can help the homeless. The fence will be 3.5 feet tall by 10 to 15, depending on the choose of locations given, and 1.2 inches wide. The edges of the fence will be buffet in order for people to not cut themselves on it. These dimensions and the material, aluminum, will be used for safety.

The main structure of the fence is the end structure that will hold the fence in place. The well will have a indent in it allowing people to place loss change in to it. The design of the indent will have the coins go down it center pattern, something like a whirlpool. The change will do down a small slit or hole in the bottom of the indent and fall into a main structure not visible to people passing by. The diameter of the “well” will be 4 feet and a height of 3.7 feet. The material that this well will be made of is concrete and will have a very thin sheet of metal on the outside to make it look like the fence has wrapped around the well. The locations that this structure can be place are; the main walk way to the uwb1 building, but the wetland walking path.

design plan


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