Step Inside

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Written Proposal.

This sculpture is named “Step Inside” and would be located in the entrance of UW Bothell where people usually cross by. The size of this art would be the standard shoe size except would be enlarged so that a person would the foot size of 13 inches would easily be able to step inside this art and experience this design for what it is meant to be. The material that would be used is a strong iron plating that would cover the shoe and be able to have the words written properly on it, so that it is eligible. The words written represents what the homeless have been missing out on that we take for granted. The words that appear on the shoe are crossed off because they do not experience such things. The overall appeal of this design to showcase the fact that the homeless do not receive the same amount of love that we get to experience; therefore I have placed the words “No Love” on the shoes. The overall design would be black, but the words would be written in white. The concept of this design is to physically step inside the shoes of someone who is homeless and who has been suffering through that homelessness for years and experience (if not fully) the way it feels to be one of them. Although you are just merely stepping inside of a shoe, I believe that you would be able to experience the effect of homeless just by the involvement and the act of doing so itself. It is important to recognize that this art is all in the awareness and psychological appeal that it has to offer.

Artist’s Statement

The reason for why I chose this as a design is, I feel that more and more people do not recognize the effect that homelessness has on one’s self. Although this is not physically making you feel as weak as the homeless people, it is making you psychology step inside the shoes of one and be able to experience the feel of this whole nature. It will provide you with the sensibility that homelessness is right when you step inside the shoes. What inspired me for this project is the appeal of opposites and being able to understand a situation by actually physically stepping into the situation. The act of stepping into an iron shoe that is written full of opportunities that the homeless have not gone through such as love, money, food, water and shelter, I believe that it would enable others to rethink the way it feels to be homeless. People around the world see homeless men and women on the streets but rarely do they know how to feels and what they go through on a daily basis. My hope is to bring a sliver of that sensation to regular people that step into this shoe and experience the effects of homelessness.


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