“Make a Difference”

“Make a Difference”

“Make a Difference”

Written Proposal:
The name of this sculpture is “Make a Difference”. This sculpture will be located in university of Washington Bothell. The main key of creating a globe is to inform the people that homelessness is everywhere in the world, and they all need our help and support. As for the dimension, the entire sculpture will be about 6 feet tall; I want to make it reachable for everyone to participate in.
The globe will be made out of Paper mache, and then color it on top with paint, and glitter. And there will be wheels underneath the globe so people can spin it 360 degree. The stand can be made out of wood, and will have newspaper cover all over it. In the front of the sculpture, there will be pens and markers for people to contribute and write/draw their ideas and thoughts about homelessness on the globe. And then in the middle of the sculpture, there will be a big size cardboard with writings about the description of the sculpture etc.

Artist Statement:
To my, I feel that homelessness is everywhere, and they all need our help and support, that is why I choose to make a globe for the final project. On the globe, I will list out different problems and social issues that homeless people are facing today. I wanted to use paper mache for the globe so people can participate in this piece of art. I feel that public art is not only an art for people to view, but also for people to think and share their ideas. My goal at the end is to have the globe full of drawing and writing about thoughts and support for the homeless people. The reason why I want to use cardboard paper for the description instead of a nice piece of metal is because I want the audiences to pay attention that homeless people usually uses card board to write down their messages when they ask for help.


3 responses to ““Make a Difference”

  1. I really like your idea and i like how you thought about every aspect of it. such as how people could write on it so that everyone could participate. I just have 1 question, where exactly on the UWB campus would you place and why ? busy place ? somewhere that would make people feel self conscious ?

  2. thank you, if my sculpture is selected, i will have it display in the bookstore. Since in the campus we have UW students as well as Cascadia students, and not all the Cascadia students go to uw1 and uw2, so i think putting it at the library would be better.

  3. I think this is the best idea so far. The sculpture tells us homeless is everywhere and they need our help and I think this will make people to help and donate the homelessness

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