Linear Acceptance

Linear Acceptance

Written Proposal:

Linear Acceptance is a 6’8ft tall and 60inches wide stainless steel with laminated glass archway that would be placed on the UW Bothell campus either on the trail or on one of the walkways. The overall cost of the sculpture would be around $5000. The purpose of the archway is to spread the message of acceptance and equality for everyone regardless of class, race, gender, or beliefs. The idea is once you pass through the archway you are in a safe, hate free zone. At the entrance of the archway there will be a brief message to the passerby’s stating so.

Artist Statement:

I’ve always admired interactive art. By interactive I mean the artwork is not just to please the eye, but in order for the artwork to come to life you have to in some way physically work with it. I feel like it provokes a higher level of emotion and understanding to the work. I aimed to create a interactive quality with this project.
As a native Seattleite I’ve seen the city go through many lengths to decrease the presence of homeless individuals on busy grounds. With this project I attempted to place myself in their shoes. When being forced to relocate continuously, emotionally I would feel unwanted and insensitively judged. This is where the concept of Linear Acceptance came in.
I wanted to create a boundary dedicated to the harmonizing aspect of equalization. I wanted to give individuals a slice of reassurance that they are safe and no judgment or prejudices would be placed upon them once they are on grounds. The emotional aspect and underlying message was most important to me as I was making the project.


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