Life improvement

Life improvement

Written proposal:
The artwork called “Life improvement”, which going to be located in University of Washington Bothell. The main point that I did this sculpture was I want us to think deeply that what is the best way we can do to benefit their future life beside donate the money.
The concrete base will be 5 feet long, 3 feet wide. The dimension of the sculpture would be about 4’5 feet tall of the guy. The total height of the can, the gift box and the hand will be about 2’5-3 feet tall. In addition, there will be a 5 feet tall concrete wall behind the sculpture in order to steady the three things (can, gift box, hand).

Artist Statement:
In the United States and around the globe, there are huge numbers of people with unmet needs. Many people are homeless or lack skills. Some have health problems. Some abuse alcohol or another substance. Others have not had enough education to be self-sufficient. What can we really do to help homeless? No doubt, money is the fast way to help them. However, I believe there’s an efficient way to do in order to benefit their life, which is job-training program. From the program homeless can gain skills in a specific vocation and also learn what they need to know about job hunting and the professional world.
My sculpture shows the homeless is seeking a chance to improve his life instead of “money” we give. I want people to see the smile on his face reflects that he appreciates and happy the chance about job training program we offer.


2 responses to “Life improvement

  1. I like the idea behind the work, it is very clear and innovative. I like how your work would encourage the local communities and state governments to invest and support a long-term job training program for people in need, to help prevent homelessness. Great work!

  2. I really like the idea of improve homeless life instead of give them money because eventually the money will be gone. And the smile on the sculpture is very nice idea that they appreciates the government giving them opportunity.

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