Key and Hope


Written proposal

This sculpture is called “Key and Hope”, and it is designed for the project of “Call for Artists/Call for Social Change” which complicated social issues of homelessness. The core concepts for “Key and Hope” are: loneliness and the hope for homelessness to break the difficult living situations. This sculpture is more appropriate to be located on the lawn since it has a shape of big flowers. The whole sculpture will have two parts, one of them is a big flower which has 12 red stainless steel petals, and each inside petal is 2 meters high. And the outside petals are 1.5 high. From the outside to see the sculpture, it is just like a huge flower which is in bloom on the lawn. Form the inside to see the sculpture, the petals are actually locked doors which connected by iron chains, and There are 5 petals have iron chains connect with each other. Another part is the flower bud which is 1.9 meters tall, and there is a gold key on the top of the flower bud. There are 5 petals have iron chains connect with each other. One of the “petal door” has unlocked and opened, and that opened door is putted on the lawn near the big flower. There also some Footprints follow it. Each footprint has the name of people who are no longer homeless by their great effort.

Artist’s Statement

I start this project by thinking what kind of concept or core idea that I want my artwork to present to others. Many homeless people are struggling, they are trying to find a job and get out of the current situation. However, they may face lots of problems, for example they don’t have any electronic devices to access into the internet and can’t find a job by the easiest way. It’s like there are many paths in front of the homeless but each one has a locked door, and they just can’t get out of this situation. That’s why I put many locked doors inside the flower. For the petals, I was inspired by our tent city visiting, homelessness was living a places where is isolated by many tall trees. Also, from the conversation with the homeless during that trip, I know that some homeless people actually have a job and they are trying to go out of the homeless situation. So, in my sculpture, the gold key represents the hope of homelessness, because the key help them open these locked doors. The iron chains and locks represent the difficulties that homeless people is facing, and the locks can give the viewer a kind of feeling that it is hard to break the difficult situation with the heavy iron chain. We can see one of the petal doors has opened, and there are footprints in front of it. I did this because I want to show people that some homeless have success, and break the hard situation by their effort, and I want to tell people don’t lose their hope. Nowadays, Many people still think that all homeless are lazy and don’t want to work by themselves. I hope viewers can change their mid and understand the hard situation that homeless people face, and they are not losing their hope but actually struggling for a better life now.

Preliminary Budget

Stainless steel petal(inside) *6                   1000$

Stainless steel petal(outside)*6                   800$

Sculpture of human                      400$

Iron chain*6                            100$

Big key                                 100$

Flower bud                              100$


One response to “Key and Hope

  1. joannehuang1990

    I really like your idea that you put many locked door inside the flower which implies there are many different problems they are facing but they need a “key” in order to get out. It’s true. Nowadays, many homeless are waiting for us to give them a hand to lead them to a better life and we are that “key”.

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