Give a hand and come together

Give a hand and come together



Written proposal

The artwork is located in the middle of the archway in the University of Washington Bothell. It’s 7 ft. tall and 12 ft. wide. There are about 560 pieces, only 56 pieces are shown on my final project. The base is made out and each puzzle piece of made out of cement. Instruments for engraving and writing something on each piece are located in front of the art work itself. Every individual is presented with an opportunity to write something down or leave his or her piece as it is.  The size of each piece is different, giving an opportunity for some to write a statement as long as a paragraph. Each piece will be placed on the base together and as the cement sets the work will come together.

The piece comes together by individuals putting their own piece of the puzzle on the base and creating one big picture. Give a hand and come together is an artwork focused on homelessness and the complexity of it. It’s important to come together when it comes to such a big issue.

Artist statement

When I first thought of the work I was going to create, I tried thinking about my own opinion of art. What I love about artwork is how different it is and how many interpretations there can be to it. I decided to go with a puzzle because I love interactive art. I believe that people should be presented with an opportunity to be a part of the art even if they aren’t artists themselves.  I decided to go with a pair of hands because that way the idea behind coming together is right there in front of it. This piece was inspired by the complexity of homelessness and the idea of coming together.

I want to raise awareness to homeless by letting people be a part of the artwork. I would like to raise awareness to homelessness itself and to bring people together and help them take on the challenge of homelessness together. The location of the artwork was inspired by the amount of people walking past that particular arch way daily. The background of the art also connects to the awareness of homelessness. It’s consistent of all the continents and that creates the idea of unity.

By creating this puzzle I hope to get people interested in the issue of homelessness. I feel like it’s an issue that’s growing but isn’t paid much attention to. I believe that when people are left with an opportunity of leaving an imprint of their own personality on a big artwork, they are more susceptive of becoming a part of that particular work.  I would like people to come by and put in a piece of their own personality into my artwork and make it come together as a whole. I would also like to show that all kinds of people exist out there and by all of them coming together such a hard issue can be tackled.


One response to “Give a hand and come together

  1. I absolutely enjoyed the idea of a puzzle that you created. In a sense it is homelessness can be a puzzle of sorts on many different levels. I think it works well. It’s interactive which is soemthing that attracts people.

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