Final Art Project – RAW



Our theme was to focus on the homeless community. I created the illusion of a flower using multiple twigs intertwined within fishnet. Although these materials may be temporary, the actual structure would be made of malleable metal so it would be more durable and able to withstand our state’s weather conditions. I wanted these materials to be seen as natural to express a clearer meaning of “raw”, such as the lives of the homeless. The smaller version of my project is made of a tan fishnet, while the twigs are made of brown paper wrapped wire. The real model would not be made of organic material, since it would be a permanent placement. It would be hung about 30 feet in the air, attached to two strong-holding wires. These heavy wires would cross each other, holding my artwork in the middle of the X figure. The wires would be tied down by two hooks sticking out of the ground. I would want its location to be near the Seattle Tent City, where it would be appreciated most. I want this natural figure to stand for all humanity, showing how we all live as one.

Artist Statement:

The idea behind this project was to capture what homelessness means to us after having learned how big of an issue it has become in Seattle. Listening to individuals’ struggles of being homeless helped me relate their lives to how a plant may form. After all, they were once innocent and considered normal, similar to how every plant starts off as a small seed. Like the variety of plants, we live in a diverse world where everybody is human, but we all grow differently.  Such as the twigs on my art piece represent, homeless folks are normal people just like everyone else who has luxurious lifestyles and opportunities. They are human. They feel pain, joy, and anger and endure more struggles as they are judged twice as much. As humans, we are born the same and die the same, but we all lead different paths. I want my piece to symbolize the birth of humans, their multiple obstacles, and, ultimately, their death. No matter what background or experience someone has gone through, everyone should be able to relate to being human. We are all the same species, experiencing some form of struggle, creating our own path, building a sense of community, making decisions until we leave earth.

I want my art work to spark a feeling of belonging, finding something beautiful in something so rough. The title stands for the realness of emotion someone feels when experiencing pain or happiness, something that comes from within. Although homeless folks are limited with opportunities, they still desired to feel love, thankfulness, and happiness in the saddest situations, emotions that are in the end inevitable for all. Hearing the stories and thoughts about living on the streets was inspiring because through this desire the majority found a helping community. They were able to get together with others and know that before passing away, someone cared for them, was considered a friend, and would remember them. This community is resembled through the twigs in the net, which come together creating a flower, creating something beautiful.


Katy Tiernan


3 responses to “Final Art Project – RAW

  1. Your project really caught my eye. I think it’s a clever idea to create an illusion of a flower. I also love your interpretations of the flower. I believe it communicates the right idea in connect to homelessness.

  2. This is really unique. I really like the idea of using a flower and connecting the growing process to humans. It’s a really interesting and great concept.

  3. When I was looking through the final proposals this is the project that stuck out the most to me! I enjoy how interpretive it is and subjective to other’s opinions. Very interesting.

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