Written Proposal

The piece “Fade” will be placed next to the bus stop by Mobius Hall at the  University of Washington Bothell; specifically on the left side of the bus stop. The first reason why I chose this place is because of the significant number of people arriving to school by bus and waiting for the bus day-to-day. My second reason is that a bus place is time and place to think and wait… It is a place meant to wait and it is in this area where people can observe their surrounding. This art piece provides interaction with people.

The size of this piece will be a 5”5 life-sized human made of corten steel (1 in = 1.1 ft) and the glass dream piece will be placed on top of the head; it will be 4” in width and 2.5 in height shaped in an oval. The dream is a generic representation of a cloud filled with color. The life-sized human is made of corten steel because it rusts the fastest; the concept behind this is that steel represents aging. The glass “dream” piece is made out glass using solid cast glass. This concept is created with the idea that our ideas and dreams will last forever. Inside the blowing glass – to represent dreams, I will color the glass in different vibrant colors.

The theme of this art piece is to convey that dreams and thoughts last forever after the body has faded. It is signify that people are more alike than we think.

Artist Statement

I am a firm believer in the equality of human beings. My journey started after hearing about child soldiers in Uganda – I’ve decided to stand up and move; in that year, I’ve helped rebuild a school Anaka Secondary School in northern Uganda and joined the Fourth Estate – a global group created to protect those who are vulnerable. It was in this moment where I started to strongly believe in my extraordinary power; the power to create change.

My artwork is embedded with a critical view of social change; specifically taking a look at the homeless in our society. The question that I asked myself was, “What are we?” It was in this that allowed me deconstruct our society into our most important aspect.

It was in this piece that I challenge the conceptual way of the American lifestyle.



One response to “Fade

  1. Wow I really like this idea, and I think choosing the bus stop is a great place to place an artwork since some people have nothing to do while they’re waiting for the bus. I was wondering, do you know how much this would cost to create the design?

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