At Night I Lay…

Title: “At Night I Lay…”

Image: photo (1)
Written Proposal:
For this project I have decided to construct a life size gray, concrete mold of a pillow and a blanket that will be located at the University of Washington Bothell in a bushy area. The dimensions would be approximately 1.5 feet tall and 3 feet wide. There will also be metal rods used at the base of the mold to ensure support. Along with the rods would be a wide cement base hidden underground that will make sure that the mold stays in place so that no person or wind could move the art piece. The overall cost for this project would be no more than $400.
Artist’s Statement:

One thing that struck me the most about homeless people is that they always have to ask themselves, “Where will I sleep tonight?” It is easy to say that most of us do not have to worry where we will end up tonight, but there are others who go without notice that they are sleeping outside. My bed is a place for me to rest and unwind from after a long day. Having a safe, warm place gives you another thing NOT to worry about. Many of us, and I know I too, take some of the things I have for granted. We do not realize exactly what we have until we lose it.

I wanted this sculpture to be as realistic as possible. There is a reason why this sculpture is not located out in the middle of the pathways of the public. Most of the time homeless people walk among us and we do not notice that they are homeless. Those who are homeless usually prefer to be unknown and try to hide the fact that they do not have a home to return to every night let alone a REAL bed. The pillow and blanket act as a mark that there was someone sleeping there last night and while we are tucked tight in our warm beds, we had no clue. I have seen bushes and “hidden” places that have served as a bed and shelter for the homeless, which was why I figured it would be appropriate for this sculpture to be located there.

My hope is that others will see the sculpture and wonder why there is a pillow and folded blanket almost hidden within the bushes. It does not have to be now that they realize why it is there, but eventually I hope there will be a connection to homelessness. Maybe others will begin to appreciate the little things they have that makes each day possible.


3 responses to “At Night I Lay…

  1. I really like your concept of taking something that we see every day and enlarging in. The location is pretty interesting, as if your making it a secrete so that only few will know about on campus. My suggestion is instead of having someone try to make the connection to homelessness, since you are within the budget why not add a plaque that explains what you are tying to represent.

  2. Rose-Anne,
    This is a great piece! I love how simplistic your piece, yet it means and signifies many things when it comes to social change and the homeless. Also, I like the idea for the location of your piece. The fact that this piece would be placed in a bushy area. The piece seems somewhat hidden and it would be interesting for people to find it at our school. I feel that if I found this on-campus, I would be even more interested as to why the piece is in a bushy area. I would then be interested to know why there is somewhat of a random pillow and blanket. This piece truly allows curiosity to arise out of viewers.

  3. I really appreciate the irony of a blanket and pillow being made out of a hard material. It makes me think of how hard the ground is and what it must be like to sleep on the hard ground, even with a blanket. I love the simplicity as well. Often the most simple art is the most effective.
    – Jesse Niebruegge

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