Standing Firm

Standing Firm

Written Proposal: 

There are three core aspects every human being needs, homeless or not, are; Trust, Love, and Hope. These three ideas are interconnected and interdependent amongst one another. Without one, the other two begin to suffer and vice versa.  We need these three concepts to feel completed and whole.

There will be three stainless steel spheres with hexagon cut outs, so only the frame is left. The three spheres will be placed at the three points of an equilateral triangle. Each sphere will be three feet high and three feet wide. On each sphere’s base, there will be one word written in Latin. One will have “Amor” which means love. The other will have the word “Confindo”, which means trust. The last will have the word “Spero”, which means hope. In the middle of the invisible triangle, there will be a small circle formed from handprints. These handprints will be of all shapes and sizes and will be pressed into the concrete. The palms will be in the inside of the circle and the fingers will be facing outwards. On the outside of the hand circle, a quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt will be inscribed into the concrete, following the same circle pattern. This quote relates to the struggles and perseverance the of homeless community. The quote will say, “When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on” (Roosevelt). The quote will be a dark grey/black so it will be easy to see. The sculpture will be located near the lower bus station.

Artist Statement:

During the process, I found myself gravitating towards geometric shapes and patterns. I researched countless different geometric shapes and patterns and ended up choosing three. I surprised myself when some of the most basic shapes. I chose the triangle, the hexagon, and the circle. From these three shapes, I then began to think about what three things that everybody needs. I wanted to keep repeating the “three” concept so that this piece would have a unified feeling.  After much thought, I came up with feelings of Trust, Hope and Love. These concepts became the inspiration to my final piece.Drawing


2 responses to “Standing Firm

  1. I really like the incorporation of the quote I feel like it fits really well with your concept.

  2. I really love your idea. I love how you’ve thought about the concept of hope, love and trust. I think your whole idea is just really interesting and brings awareness to homelessness in a different way. It’s an idea that would force people to think and I love that.

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