“Looking Through the Doorway” Written ProposalThe name of the

“Looking Through the Doorway”


Written Proposal

The name of the art piece is “Looking Through the Doorway”. This will be located in Bothell at the University of Washington Bothell campus. The reason for putting the art work on the UWB and not in Seattle is to branch out and show other cities communities that homelessness does exist and it is a serious issue in Washington State. Typically people associate homelessness with the Seattle area and would normally think about placing art work related to homelessness in Seattle where the root of the problem takes place.

For the dimensions of this art piece I was looking at about eight feet high (slightly higher than standard door height to make the piece stand out more). The width of the door will be about two feet. On the front side of the door will be a mirror that people walking past can look into and reflect on homelessness and their lives. The door will be sitting on a large circular platform that is about two feet tall and about six feet across so that when the door is on the circular platform there is extra room for people to stand on the platform and walk around it. Engraved on the circular platform, in front of the side of the door that has the mirror, will be the title of the art piece and a description of homelessness and the purpose behind the work. The whole piece is going to be made of cast aluminum.


Artist Statement

I have lived in Washington my whole. I have never gone through Seattle without seeing a homeless people on the streets. One thing that stands out to me the most is when I am in Seattle at night and I always see homeless  people lying in the doorways of businesses trying to stay warm for the night. I still don’t understand why this image has affected me so much but it is something that will forever stick with me. This is why I chose to use a doorway as my art proposal.

I know that with public art you aren’t supposed to take a literal approach to what you are trying to share with the public. Originally I wanted to make a piece that was a doorway with a person sleeping on the ground but I knew that would be to straight forward. The reason I chose to attach a mirror to the door was so people could create their own opinions on homelessness by looking in the mirror at themselves and their lives. I also prefer interactive public art because I think it’s the best to have people stop and notice the art.ImageImageImageImage


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