Happy Pig

Happy Pig

Title: Happy Pig

Written Proposal:  The statue of the pig itself will be constructed from Bronze material, and sit on top of a concrete footing/base. The concrete base will be 4 feet long, 2 ½ feet wide, and 3 feet tall.  The bronze pig will also be 4 feet long, and 2 ½ feet both tall and wide.

A Bronze Plaque will be placed in the center of the concrete footing that says, “Feed the pig, feed the hungry.” Under that plaque will be a donation slot/bin that is embedded into the concrete footing, and requires a key to open.  On both the left and right side of the footing will be panels with pamphlets inside, including information about where the donations will go, as well as homeless statistics.

This sculpture will be placed between the buildings of UW1 and UW2, in front of what used to be the grass field with the W. Across from the sculpture will be the South Parking Garage.

Artist Statement: My sculpture serves as a donation bank to collect money that will go towards feeding the hungry around the Seattle area. The bronze pig represents a piggy bank, and it is a reminder to everyone that any loose change that they find in their pockets or on the ground can contribute greatly to this cause. The ultimate goal is to have people continuously donating whenever they walk past this with however much change they have on them. On the pamphlets that can be found on either side of the sculpture, I will have statistics on how many people that certain amounts of money can feed, as well as others homeless statistics. I want others to be aware of the homeless epidemic as well as be an active participant in helping change this. I named the sculpture Happy Pig because the only way to keep this pig happy is by feeding him coins.


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