by Kar Yan Mok



Hand drawing

Written proposal:

The artwork that I am proposing is called “Affordability”, which I would plan to install close to the main campus way. The reason behind my intended location of installation is that I would like to place it somewhere that is likely to be placed with real estate signs. The two base elements are shelter and housing problems. I will create real estate signs (often seen on the streets, usually made of cardboards, representing the idea of affordable) using iron, and stick them together to create a three-dimensional sculpture. The artwork is hollow, and its size is 9 feet tall x 10 feet wide, which is big enough for a person to go in and out. The sculpture itself looks like a shelter, like the ones that we see at tent city 3 in Seattle. As I said, I will use iron as the major material and use paint to draw the signs. Iron is easy and cheap to get compare with other kinds of metal. From my point of view, the real estate industry and government system failure lead to unaffordable housing, which is the major reason of homelessness. Thus, affordable and sustainable housing is the main message that I want to convey through my artwork.


Artist Statement: 

Over the past decade, homelessness has become a social concern at all levels of society. Even though the government has spent money on housing, the failure of housing supply system is the major cause of homelessness. To help prevent and reduce homelessness and cope with the rapid growing urban population at the same time, it is essential to adopt an affordable housing system. Providing a place to sleep is not the only idea behind affordability, but also addressing a funding approach that is based on effectiveness and sustainability through local partnerships. I want to convey the importance of affordable and sustainable housing through my sculpture, and hopefully encourage local community groups and state governments to provide affordable and supportive housing options to low-income people and families. A lot of work remains to be done, I hope that my sculpture will draw ongoing attention in reducing homelessness and providing affordable housing.


One response to “Affordabilty

  1. I like the idea and simplicity of the project. It isn’t abstract but it conveys the right message and it is not too simple that it can give away its meaning easily. It hides it and creates question but at the same time – people will understand your piece.

    I like the housing and effort to reduce homelessness in the work.

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