Break the Wall, End Homelessness


Artist Statement:

“Break the walls, End homelessness”: In our group poster we tried to catch the audience’s attention as much as we can by adding interesting pictures, having symbolic graphics and adding relevant statistics. We tried to touch the audience’s emotion by presenting them with the picture of the mother and the child to show how this could be anyone. it could be your mom, sister, daughter etc.

We decided to also focus on the issue of veterans and how they make up a large amount of the homeless population. This should be something that would touch everyone as they fight for our freedom so we could have better, safer and more secure life yet they can’t have a secure life themselves.

We chose the walls to show how these homeless individuals are confined and can’t go further with their lives without having their basic needs met. We tried to invite people to attend by having them care first about what we have to present and then we mention the provided food and beverage for their convenience.


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