Call for Social Change Poster

Call for Social Change Poster

The poster we have created advocates for the social issue of homeless in the state of Washington. We have picked the skyline of Seattle because we believe it’s the best representation of the state as a whole. We have featured a pair of open hands, which represent an open mind and hopefully an open heart. Our intentions behind choosing to use the Seattle skyline were that we wanted to look at homelessness in a positive way and the skyline itself illustrates the state as a whole. The hands represent lending a hand to someone in the literal way and in a figurative way – the opportunity to help someone. Our original idea began with the space needle but as the process was developing we decided the better way to communicate our idea is to feature the whole skyline instead of just one aspect of it. We were influenced by materials we read on Tent city and visiting the sight itself. We loved the fact that Tent city wasn’t located at a specific location and we decided to connect that to the levels of the buildings in our drawing. The different sizes and shading of the structures illustrates the flexibility of location. We decided to draw it out and add on some bright colors to add on to the positive aspect of our idea. We want to communicate hope and positivity and we understand that homelessness is such a complex issue that it’s quite hard for people to look at it in a positive way, which is why we decided to address the positives. The materials we used were graphite on paper.


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