A Call for Social Change

A Call for Social Change

When we first sat down as a group, we began brainstorming ideas on ways to portray social change for the homeless through a poster. Our group decided to come up with the factors that play into homelessness. As a group, we created a web in which the word homelessness was in the center and the words/factors that play into homelessness branched off. For example, just imagine the word homelessness in the middle of a web of words. Then imagine words such as shelter, money, technology, healthcare, family, community, hygiene, and food branching off of the word homelessness. We decided as a group that these were the key factors that play into and come to mind when one thinks of homelessness. This goes to show that there are many aspects and things that intersect to make up homelessness. It is not just the loss of money or the loss of a person’s home that makes up homelessness. As individuals, we all had a different perspectives of homelessness. But we decided as a group to bring all of these components together to portray the many different aspects and factors of homelessness.

The aim of our poster was to make viewers more aware about the growing issue of homelessness and for social change. People must come to realize that are so many things that play into homelessness. To portray these different factors that play into homelessness, we decided to take the many different factors and words that play into homelessness and made them in the shape of a house . At the bottom of this poster states all of the details of the art proposal presentations. The thing that should really bring viewer’s attention to the poster is the words in the shape of a house in which the word homelessness stands out in red. We made it this way so it allows the viewer to realize how much of an issue homelessness truly is in the state of Washington and how much of a global issue it is. The details of the Public Art Proposal event clearly stand out in hopes that the students, faculty, and staff of UW Bothell will remember to attend this event when they glance at our poster.


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