The Invisible

The Invisible

The inspiration behind this poster is based off the fact that homelessness is an issue that is heavily invisibilized in our society. We know that it exists and there is a standard mentality that many exhibit, which is “know one homeless person and know them all.” To illustrate this in our poster, we outlined the silhouette of a person. emphasizing the idea that we know someone is there, but we never really acknowledge them. Often times when we see homeless people, we make a conscious effort to avert our gaze, trying not to make eye contact because it will make us feel obligated to give them money. We also wish to bring to light the idea that homelessness is often a result of exterior forces. The most common stigma that exists is that people are homeless and deserve to be homeless because they are addicted to drugs or alcohol. This however is far from the truth. The reality is that substance abuse is only one of the handful of issues that surround homelessness in our society; such as being laid off from a job, mental or physical disabilities that prevent them from working, running away from a dysfunctional home environment, etc. We want to destroy the negative stigmas and stereotypes that always blames homelessness on one’s poor life choices.


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