Homelessness Social Change Exhibition

Final Poster Project2

Artist Statement
When we were brainstorming ideas for this poster we focused our attention on words that come to mind when you think of homelessness. Initially we focused on the sad and disturbing aspects of homelessness, but after our visit to Tent City, listening to guest speakers, and watching many videos on the topic, we shifted our focus on to more of a “call to action” rather than just acknowledging the current issue.

The aim for our poster is to show a social change in which society is working with the homeless to bring a more just community. We want society to work towards helping others to view the homeless as regular people held to the same standards as everyone else, even though they don’t have the same resources.

In our poster we show the homeless person and working American individual shaking hands to signify unity and forthcoming within our society. The reason for why we chose to apply the stereotypical figures of each hand is to represent the definite polarity. The upper class male’s hand appears to be wearing a Rolex watch, in business attire, representing wealth and prosperity. While the homeless man’s hand appears to be dirty with a cut in his sleeve to represent the lowest form of homelessness. Although not all homeless and well off people look that way, we decided that establishing a clear difference between the two was a very crucial aspect for the general public to comprehend.


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