Homeless and unseen

Final call to the artists

The general idea behind the design of this project is to have people see and relate to the homeless. Generally, people are nameless faces in the crowd and how people relate to others is important. By seeing the poster, they can understand that the outlined person is redrevering the vision of the “typical person” so that he does not see the homeless man.

The quote “Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s a great puzzle”, by Lewis Carroll, is on this poster because every person has their own story which defines themselves. Homeless people each have individual stories and should not be grouped together into one stereo type. The individual is placed does not see the homeless man because he does not want to associate with him. This is image of the outlined figure is symbolize for the problems that faced by homeless. Typically, society does not want to associate with the homeless and do not want to acknowledge their existence.
The main inspiration that lead me to this final piece is the works of Judith Rhue’s “Homeless Vet.”. Judith, like many artists, has been touched by homelessness. She has shown many oil paintings about homelessness and how it can affect people. This work is related to her works because of the design and organization of the work.
This art work was created in honor of the homeless people that live on this world. I believe that art is supposed to help people with their problems by informing them of solutions that are out there, such as organization who help the public.
This work differs from the first design and structure. At first, the design was to have 9 piece of card broad combined together to form a image, black and white, of a crowd of people with a person shaded out to imply that society did not want to see him. But do to cost and time we decided that it should be one piece of paper. The next step was to see how a generalized group of people would feel towards the poster. It did not go over well because the poster was to light in color and most of the words could not be read. Do to this we redesigned the poster to what we have now. As this art work is colored it should not be in a dark area and should be placed in a well lit room.




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