Group Poster Project

The focus of our project is to represent the individuals in society who are, for a number of reasons, not expected to be homeless. This is especially true for college students, who struggle to pay tuition, rent, and other costs. We would like to try to change the social stereotypes surrounding this issue and help bring awareness to those who have not seen or do not understand homelessness–regardless of the form it may take.

On our class visit to Tent City 3 in Seattle, we saw many people who anywhere else would be indistinguishable from non-homeless individuals. Additionally, we went during the day to discover that a huge amount of the inhabitants were out working. This is where the majority of our inspiration comes from along with our multiple guest speakers in class. Our project is not concerned with the aesthetics of art, but the importance of educating others–primarily students–about how homelessness can happen to anyone.


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